Prière pour Raptor Jesus

Raptor Jesus est une icône récurrente d’une sous culture Internetesque à laquelle je m’identifie pas mal.
Me a écrit une prière pour le 15 mars, je la met ici parce qu’elle est drôle ( en Anglais par contre :S )

Raptor be with you – and also with you

O Lord Raptor Jesus,
blessed art thou, you are the alpha and the omega of the interwebs, the
win and the fail, the lulz and the B&. Our Raptor, who art in
/h/eaven, shopped be Thy face; Thy donations come, Thy posts be done in
/b/ as it is in /h/eaven. Give us this day our daily Bridget; and
forgive us our trolling as we forgive those who troll against us, and
lead us not into faggotry, but deliver us from /fur/ry.

Raptor, bless Anonymous and its allies on the most epic of irl raids,
3/15/08, Operation Party Hard. Shelter us from Xenu in this most
crucial hour, and from fail and whammy, the anti-lulz, so that we might
break /cake/ with our /b/rothers and post another day. Protect the
*chans in this our struggle against ultimate faggotry so that we may
all, new and oldfag alike, gaze one day upon your scaly grace in the
kingdom of dino /h/eaven. Bless us with your bounty of infinite weed,
infinite money, and infinite pussy.

Bless Mark Bunker and so that their servers may spread truth far into the future so
that we might continue our battle against C0$ and the Ronbots for as
long as it may take. You O Raptor who is the bestower of all that is
epic, watch over our protests and our online attacks, especially in LA
and Clearwater, and protect us against Fair Game. This we ask of you,
our holy Raptor.

In the name of Anonymous, the Raptor, and the Holy Server,


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